Our story began the 14th of June 2010 22.30 pm at a bus stop in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Instantly we felt a natural feeling of knowing each other from before and began to talk directly. We knew that we belonged together and wanted to spend our entire life together after our first date. Twinsouls or not. We strongly felt that we wanted to spend all time together but also that we had to achieve something special together.

During the five minute at the bus stop our life changed and our mission started. The mission became a company named Authentic AB.

What we want is to inspire people to #goauthentic and live as their true authentic selves.

5 areas that will increase your meaningful and authentic life

For many people to live a meaningful life is to give and receive love.
What does a meaningful life means to you?

What does a meaningful life means to you?

Your answer on the above question will describe your own view of meaningfulness. Based on your answer you can learn more about how you think about it. In the end, this will help you to get the essentials to live a more meaningful life.

The 5 areas that will increase a meaningful everyday life:

1. Your inner context. How do you live your life? Are you and your actions in line with what you think is important?
2. Your context. Do you participate in a larger context with others? Do you share the same idea, religion, attitudes or thoughts with others?
3. Your life path. Have you found your mission in life? The thing that you feel you are called to do.
4. Your approach. How do you choose to live your life? How authentic are you?
5. Your way of life. Doing meaningful actions affect yourself and others positively. What do you do?

When you think of one area after another and explores it in your own life – What do you think you can add to increase your own meaningfulness?

The art of living meaningfully involves adding meaning in life. 

Love is authentic when it gives freedom

Love is authentic when it gives freedom.
Love is authentic when it gives freedom.

“Love is authentic only when it gives freedom. Let this be the criterion. Love is true only when it does not interfere in the privacy of the other person. It respects his individuality, his privacy. But the lovers that you see around the world, their whole effort is that nothing should be private; all secrets should be told to them. They are afraid of individuality…” Osho says.

I agree with him! Freedom is the fundament of authentic love.




Authentic love

Authentic love is the most beutiful thing there is.
Authentic love is the most beutiful thing there is.

For me the love is authentic, unconditional and genuine when I;

• love myself
• feel loved
• feel calm and safe inside
• express myself without restrictions
• act from within, without defense, guilt and fear
• act without wanting anything back
• let go of my fixed images of how things should be
• cherish myself and the other
• feel flow and gratitude
• believe in me, the other and love it self
• am me totally me!

When I live and love authentically it set me free. Free to love even more. To do that we can sometimes need a reminder.

Seven reminders that set your love free;

1. Seeking for the truth about yourself
2. Let go of expectations, guilt, fear and limitation
3. Act from within yourself in all your actions – be authentic
4. Cherish yourself and others
5. Accept differencies
6. Be thankful for every action made out of love
7. Believe in yourself, the other and the love it self

What could make you love even more?

The principles of authentic love

Authentic love principles
Authentic love principles for everyone.

The love shows itself in its most beautiful expression when it is genuine. When it´s practiced between two persons who are genuine and really dare to be themselves with no fear at all. Without the fear about how they will be perceived by others. In their close relationship there is no tension, just a warm feeling of love and complete trust in each other. This relationship symbolizes that they want to give each other everything, without any expectations what so ever.

For authentic love there is obviously no predetermined instructions because it comes from within. The definition of this love is of course also individual. It cannot be evaluated as good or bad by anyone else.

So here is the point. The principles we have put together as an expression of authentic love comes from the Buddhist literature and out of our own experiences. But then again this is our own mix, expression and characteristic of authentic love. We hope you will enjoy it and find something inspirational important.

Authentic love principles

1st. Consciousness
Get to know yourself and strive constantly to develop you as a person. Be open to change and ask yourself questions to understand what you really think and who you are right now. Act from within.

2nd Letting go
Let go of expectations , guilt, fear and limitations. Stop grasping about thoughts, feelings and actions that are holding you back. Loosen up what is holding you back. Be free to love.

3rd Openness
Be open to what you encounter. For differences and different ways of being and doing things. See others perspectives and understand that all of us having our own pictures and assumptions. There are no single truth. Have a non-judging attitude and an open mind.

4th Trust
Dare to believe in yourself and others. It is about feeling a deep trust for one another. When we do that it creates a sense of security in the relationship.

5th Valuing
Shelf what others do for you. It is about feeling a warm feeling for other people. Both for who they are but also for what they do. When we appreciate and value others just as they are, we create a loving atmosphere that affects everything around us.

6. Gratitude
Be grateful for every act done out of love. It’s there for a reason. Feel the gratitude and direct it to yourself and those you meet.

7. Serving
Serve others and think, feel and act in their favor. Move your focus to others by saying no to your ego flattering and lures you into thinking that alone is strong. Acting instead without making a profit and give from your heart.

Do you want to perform more acts of charity? If yes, are there any of the above principles that can inspire you?

We hope so. :)

With love Per and Tess

The secret behind understanding yourself and others

Our values is hidden in our statements. For greater awareness and better relationships listen carefully to our statements.
Our values is hidden in our statements. For greater awareness and better relationships listen carefully to our statements.

– “I think you should take care of you better and quit the job on time.”

– “Speak out if you do not like what your partner is doing.”

– “Planning that trip now and invest in the family.”

All statements we make contain traces of our own values​​. How much they are valued depends on how strongly we speak. When we comment with great force and determination there is often a strong value behind that statement.

Let us explore the values ​​that may be linked to the statements above by asking the question: What can this person think is important based on how he / she pronounce it?

  • Stop work on time = Important health + balance work-leisure
  • Speaking out = Important with self-determination
  • Investing in family = Important fellowship with family

By reviewing our statements, we can find out which values ​​that guide both ourselves and others. Remember that what we come up with is our interpretation and not necessarily the truth. When we understand the background better we can see different situations in a new way. And it may not come as a surprise, this can in turn create both greater awareness and better relationships.


When you know but don’t exactly know why

know_desFinally I have signed up for that course that sounded so interesting. It’s exciting but also a little bit scary. I don’t know anyone else and will be on my own.

But that doesn’t matter. When I first read about this course I knew instantly that I wanted to go. Why? I didn’t know why, because I just knew.

Have you ever been in this situation or felt like this? I mean knowing that you are going to do something even if you do not know why?

When we listen from within, it gives us new insights. We will get more energy and maybe some new directions in our life. Because when we do this, we will realize that we are in total control of our own lives. We do have the power to actually decide what it should contain. We grow through our decisions. Fears are challenged and our habits will not be behind the steering wheel any more.

With this said, It is possible and never to late to insert new elements in your life. So don’t forget to have your ears and eyes wide open. This means, if we are open from within, our life and power are able to give us new directions and a new purpose.

Seeking Authenticity

From being to becoming. Schwartz speaks about a new way of seeing the world. Look at the video and think about your own worldview. Do you have an holistic approch?

I love the possibility that the truth changes and that we can choose a new approch whenever we like. If we think that we are seperated or unseperated it affects our relationships.



Good deeds at home

To truly feel the desire to want to do something for someone else is beautiful. When it comes by itself and with a good intention it often expresses itself as a good deed.

This morning my husband did a good deed at home. Att 5:00 am it was time for a trip to the airport and to Gardermoen in Oslo, Norway. My wonderful husband said yesterday that he really wanted to give me a ride tomorrow despite the early hour. I felt so happy because I got a cold that made me a bit weaker. His concern made me feel much better. :)

What often happens with Per is that he expects nothing back when he offers help or make a good deed for people. He want to give and he does that with a good intention. Today in the morning he expressed it like this;

– “… but I can support you all morning on our way to the airport …”. He knew about my particular situation, and that this day’s program included an education with a solid schedule.

For that I say thank you my beautiful man and good night!

How do you value yourself?

At 11 o clock today, on the scedule it is education / WebEx for me and a colleague. I called him at nine to reconcile and go through the material.

He answers a little weak and hawking;
- “I’m ill, it started last night, but we’ll do the webex.”
– “No, you’re ill,” I replied.
– “I think I can take it …or yes I’m ill. Let´s cancell it.”

His first reaction is to conduct the training. The reason for this is unknown but most probably we would do the same. To do without question the purpose of it, even when we are ill, that shows us the strength of the expectations of others and how we think it should be or how it always have been.

Reversing the perspective of leading from within often first involves us to start pay attention to ourselves. To train in attention training gives us the opportunity to see what and how we act and be able to more frequently manage our own direction from within ourselves.

Lead from within and value yourself higher! If you do that you can value others higher.

Tip of the Day:

  1. PAY ATTENTION Decide for yourself to pay attention to everything you do, think and feel during one day.
  2. FOCUS Focus on your thoughts, feelings and what you do, how you choose etc.
  3. REMINDERS Remind you! Set cell phone alarms on every hour or do something that reminds you to focus attention.
  4. SUMMARIZE When the day is over write down on a paper;
    a) What did I notice during the day? Write freely all that you noticed during the day.
    b) Divide another paper into two parts. On one part write lead from within and on the other lead from the outside.  Then fill in different situations, thoughts, feelings and so forth in the different parts.
  5. LEARNING What can you learn from what you have noticed?
    Ask yourself the question: Do you want to do something different? If yes, in what situations would you like to do differently?
  6. NEXT STEP Decide, which is my next step? Write it down.

Good luck to lead from within and value yourself!


Photo text in swedish; Value yourself.